Classes & Workshops


Not currently in session.


Workshops are 2 hours and available on Saturdays. There are no workshops scheduled at this time. You may contact Azadeah to express interest in a workshop.




Carbondale, Illinois
    Workshops available in St. Louis area                        
    (additional fees apply)

Also see for a listing of other classes in the area.

Student comments about classes:

"[It] is fast-paced enough that we learned and it was challenging but we didn't lag behind."

"The music was cool (not dated)" and "The songs were really good."

"It was a great experience!"

"I really enjoyed the class..."

"I liked this class so much."

Student comments about Azadeah:

"The movements were explained well" and "well demonstrated."

"She was always friendly" and "willing to help."

"She is a wonderful instructor. She is very encouraging and teaches well. I always understand what she's saying."

"...(She) was very talented and knowledgeable."

"(She) is [a] passionate and patient instructor."

"...(She) is very professional...and encourages us to participate..."